The hypocrisies of Porn hub
Impacts of porn
March 24, 2016

#8 – Inappropriate for adults but free & easy for kids

In addressing the Senate Inquiry: Harm being done to Australian children through access to pornography on the Internet, myself and Master of Sexology student Hilary Key, put together an exceptionally well crafted and extensive submission on behalf of Youth Wellbeing Project. It was well received. In part. The irony of our submission was that 3 pages…
March 9, 2016

Independent Review of ‘All of Us’

At the request of many people I am in contact with, I have taken the time to review the Safe Schools Coalition All of Us Curriculum. The research that I present and the resulting reservations I have regarding this schools resource has been forwarded to Emeritus Professor Bill Louden (conducting the formal…
Impacts of porn
January 30, 2016

#7 – Is free porn destroying our brains?

In October last year I was involved in the filming of a documentary highlighting the harms of pornography on the brain. It's essential this is acknowledged as an issue. Unfortunately, I'm hearing some very dismissive advice from untrained professionals when teens express concern. For instance, recently I reviewed the chat…
Impacts of porn
November 26, 2015

#6 – Eroticising the unthinkable

One of the fabulous things about being a sexologist is that you learn lots of things about humanity. The job title in itself beckons people to share their deepest secrets over a meal or casual drink. Last year was one such occasion. I had spoken at a sexual health conference and over…
Impacts of porn
November 25, 2015

#5 – Porn eroticises violence against women

Today, on November 25th, we recognise White Ribbon Day – Australia’s campaign to prevent men’s violence against women. There is definitely a part of the conversation missing: violence against women eroticised by pornography. Violence against women deserves copious amounts of attention while ever girls and women are being murdered or…
Impacts of porn
November 24, 2015

#4 – Ubiquitous Porn

When something is ubiquitous, it is present, appearing, or found everywhere. omnipresent, ever-present, present everywhere, everywhere, all-over, all over the place, pervasive, all-pervasive, universal, worldwide, global, rife, prevalent, predominant, very common, popular, extensive, wide-ranging, far-reaching, inescapable Trying to ascertain exactly how much porn is on the web produces a myriad of conflicting results. One article indicated that claims vary from 4-30% of the Internet being sex…
Impacts of porn
November 23, 2015

#3 – The controversies surrounding porn

Pornography is a 'hot button' and controversial topic. I often refer to it as the ‘naked elephant in the room’. Everyone knows it’s there, but no one really wants to acknowledge it. Porn is controversial because it's divisive. There’s ‘Pro-Porn’ and ‘Anti-Porn’ sides. It's as oppositional, if not more, as any…
Impacts of porn
November 22, 2015

#2 – Getting the porn definition right

It is important to understood exactly what is meant by the term ‘pornography’. It seems that definitions vary and are often open to interpretation. For instance, in 2009, researcher Michael Flood defined pornography as: Sexually explicit media that are primarily intended to sexually arouse the audience. It includes images of…
Impacts of porn
November 21, 2015

#1 – Finally, the truth about porn

For a long time there has been huge resistance to having a decent conversation about the harms of pornography without being branded a prude for not embracing it. For instance, in the past, I’ve been told I’m ‘erotophobic’ (have a fear of anything erotic – best not tell my husband…