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Liz Walker

Tactics to cover-up porn addiction

By Impacts of porn
Porn addiction doesn’t exist! At least, that's the mantra of porn-harms science-deniers. In a frenzied attempt to cover up the harms of porn on the brain, a group of scientists are hell-bent on convincing people that porn addiction doesn't exist. Scientists in white coats by YouthWellbeing Known as "Real Your...
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2020 is the year that #ShiftHappens

By Explicit Culture, Impacts of porn
There’s a global rally cry to hold Pornhub executives accountable for aiding trafficking and child sexual exploitation, evidenced by over 430,000 signatures (and rising) that have supported the Traffickinghub petition in the past month. This has resulted in a protest outside Mindgeek (Pornhub) on International Women's Day. In addition, in an unprecedented step...
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