specialist support to respond to the impact of pornography through Critical Porn Analysis and holistic relationships and sexuality education

STUDENT PRESENTATIONS Very few presenters can hold a teen audience captive for an hour on any subject, much less on the topic of pornography. Yet time and time again, Liz receives incredibly positive feedback from young men and women who gain insight into how the porn industry has shaped the landscape they live in, what porn does to the brain, why it leads to inequality, and how they can develop confidence to push back against porn culture and become a #newbreedofhero. No shame, no judgement. Just practical advice and loads of motivation to fight back and reclaim a life free from toxic sexuality.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT  If you’re a teacher, counsellor or youth worker, perhaps you find yourself questioning: What does the research say about the impact of pornography on children and young people? How can we minimise the ripple effect of pornography and counteract its messages? How can effective relationships and sexuality education help? What messages do young people need around consent, inclusivity, pornography, sexual pressures, sending nudes, respect and consent? How do we get started and what support do my colleagues need? How can we meet children and young people’s needs through curriculum? What is a whole-school approach and where do we begin? What are resources and strategies to use with children? How do I handle difficult questions? What conversations will support parents? If you’ve asked these questions, contact Liz today.

PARENT WORKSHOPS –  Parents and families want and need information about supporting their child to navigate the sexualised and ponified landscape. They also want reassurance about child sexual development, what is typical for age and stage, and how to take the lead with age-appropriate conversations. Unfortunately, a common question asked is ‘What do we do when my 10 year old sees pornography?’ Liz provides practical advice and directs parents to age-relevant resources. Liz works with schools and community groups to find solutions that work for them – culturally aware, attuned to beliefs, and sensitive to values and concerns. Holding a parent workshop is a great way to get this conversation going in your community. Allow a minimum of 90 minutes so parents have an opportunity to connect with one another, as well as ensure their questions are answered.

Liz specialises in helping schools, professionals and community groups understand and respond to the impact of pornography through Critical Porn Analysis and holistic relationships and sexuality education. If you require services for special needs children and young people, connect with your nearest sexual health clinic to find support.

COSTS – Prices vary and are dependant on on group size, length of session and desired outcomes. If outside Brisbane, travel and accommodation costs apply. If Liz is unavailable, a qualified Youth Wellbeing Project presenter may be recommended to meet your requirements. If you have any questions or would like to make a booking, please contact Liz today.

feedback from recent clients

To Whom it May Concern:

Liz Walker spoke at the Australasian Institute of Sexual Health Medicine 2015 conference in Sydney where she presented a talk on the effects of the porn culture on young people called ‘Implications of porn use for Teen Mental Wellbeing’.
Liz is an exceptionally passionate and articulate speaker who has thoroughly researched her topic and presents in an accessible and interesting manner. Her message is strong and uncompromising, backed by clinical experience and research. An an expert in this controversial area I expect to see Liz on the world stage in the near future warning of the effects of the porn culture on future generations.

Alison Richardson – Director
Australasian Institute of Sexual Health Medicine

This was the most well presented and interactive workshop I have been to in years. It was thorough, yet concise. If you are working with teens in a supportive role then this workshop is a MUST SEE.


Great! You touched on some areas that have been under a rug for a long time!

High School Teacher

Thank you so much for sharing about yourself. You are a true inspiration to many and I hope you reach many other schools. It has opened my eyes a lot and there are many others out there who need some guidance – you have the ability to help them. Thank you Liz.

Year 11 Student

Please accept our thanks for your willingness to speak about 'Youth Sexuality and the impact of pornography on young people' at our counsellors meeting. The information you presented and explained was received with great enthusiasm and interest to the point that we would like to schedule it in again in 2016 if you would kindly agree. Your expertise in this area has been of great benefit to all those who attended the evening.

Christian Heritage College

Liz Walker is obviously passionate and informed about her topic area. I particularly appreciated her ability to connect research to the current issues of pornography and sexualisation of our children and teens. I feel more connected and empowered with my new knowledge.

Stephen HalsallPowerhouse Programs

You are amazing!! Thank you Liz 🙂

Courtney and AnnaYear 9 students