An educator and advocate responding to porn harms, I am dedicated to culture-shifting initiatives that equip children & young people. I provide schools and community education as Managing Director of Youth Wellbeing Project: educating for tricky conversations. Initiatives include IQ PROGRAMS, a whole-school educational package designed to equip educators for the task of supporting kids and teens to author their future; and Porn Resilient Kids: equipping families for tricky conversations through children’s books and resources.

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I am also Co-Chair of Connecting to Protect: a Global Response to Address the Mental Health and Safety Consequences to Children and Young People Accessing Online Pornography. Previous roles include co-founding the Australian registered health promotion charity eChildhood. Key focusses included progressing Age Verification forward in Australia and collaborating to develop a public health approach to mobilise responses that reduce the harms of pornography on children and young people. Additionally, I facilitated parent education for four years as Director of Health Education at Culture Reframed: the global lead in solving the public health crisis of the digital age.

Well connected internationally, I regularly provide consultancy to government, non-profit, and professionals. Delivering everything from keynotes, student cohort presentations, parent workshops, and professional development throughout Australia and Internationally, I’m also a regular contributor to media outlets. I provide strategies to counteract porn culture through a ‘Critical Porn Analysis’ educational response, and my work includes the children’s books: Milly’s Message and Hamish and the Shadow Secret.

★Accredited Sex Educator ★Professional Speaker ★Author ★Specialist support for youth sexuality education

Specialities: Pornography Education | Pornography as a Public Health Issue | Online Safety | Sexual Wellbeing | Relationships | Wellbeing | Leadership | Education | Curriculum | Teaching | Blogging | Children’s and Youth Advocate