An accredited sexuality educator, speaker, author, I am dedicated to culture-shifting initiatives that respond to pornography harms on children & young people. I hold three separate yet complementary roles. Managing Director of Youth Wellbeing Project: educating for tricky conversations; consultant Director of Health Education at Culture Reframed: the global lead in solving the public health crisis of the digital age; and Research Director of the Australian registered health promotion charity eChildhood: the only Australian organisation to adopt and mobilise a public health response to address pornography impacts for the safety and wellbeing of children and young people. Well connected internationally, I regularly provide consultancy to government, non-profit, and professionals.

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I have a proven track record in developing and delivering school and parent education through Youth Wellbeing Project. Educators throughout Australia and internationally utilise the IQ PROGRAMS, underpinned by holistic sexuality education principles. Delivering everything from keynotes, student cohort presentations, parent workshops, and professional development throughout Australia and Internationally, I’m also a regular contributor to media outlets. I provide strategies to counteract porn culture through a Critical Porn Analysis approach and my work includes the children’s books: Milly’s Message and Hamish and the Shadow Secret.

Liz Walker

★Accredited Sex Educator ★Professional Speaker ★Author ★Specialist support for youth sexuality education

Specialities: Pornography Education | Pornography as a Public Health Issue | Online Safety | Sexual Wellbeing | Relationships | Wellbeing | Leadership | Education | Curriculum | Teaching | Blogging | Children’s and Youth Advocate