Work With Liz

“I would like Liz to speak for my group…”

Liz has spoken to thousands of people across Australia and New Zealand. Her message is ideal for groups of teens, parents, youth workers, educators and other professionals. Presentations on Pornography, Healthy Sexuality & Spirituality can be custom-tailored to suit both Government and Non-Government High Schools; gender specific or mixed groups; youth groups, women’s ministries, churches or community groups. To enquire about availability please proceed to our booking form.

“Where is Liz based?”

Liz lives in Brisbane, Australia. If travel is available by air, or you are based within reasonable driving distance, Liz is more than happy to visit your region. Enquire to engage Liz in your area.

“How can I interview Liz for a show or news article?”

Liz has been a featured expert in Australian and New Zealand media including SBS, The Daily Edition, ABC Radio National, in The Daily Telegraph, Courier Mail, NZ Herald, Paul Henry Show and many other outlets. We can schedule a time for you to talk to Liz, assuming the topic is a match. To enquire, please contact us.

“Does Liz provide one-on-one coaching?”

Liz specialises in education and advocacy, and does not provide coaching or counselling sessions. For parents seeking support for children and young people, visit eChildhood. In addition, make sure you check out the Helpful Resources page for links to educational information, online support services, and helpful resources.

“I need some sexuality education support…”

Educators, youth workers, school based youth health nurses and counsellors can access Liz’s training anywhere in the world through Youth Wellbeing Project! Through the #SexEdOnline online platform, access the full Counteracting Porn Culture Workshop through video training. face-to-face professional development and holistic relationships and sexuality education IQ programs for primary and high schools.

“I need a motivational speaker for our teens but I’m not sure what topics Liz covers…”

Liz has extensive experience speaking on pornography, sexuality and relationship topics. Make your enquiry today.