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It was a fantastic opportunity to have been invited by Annie Fox from Family Confidential to talk about the digital age, pornography and the importance of having THE MOST ESSENTIAL conversation with our children about sex as a natural part of life. This Video Podcast is a great resource for anyone looking for balanced guidance.

Helping our kids set boundaries and take responsibility for personal attitudes and behaviours is in our hands. As parents, it’s important to not only let our children know about the healthy and unhealthy aspects (particularly in a culture flooded by pornography), but also discuss with them what options they have. In doing so, we can instill grounded insight and empower them to make informed choices. In our conversation, we talked about the different obstacles that we’ve encountered as both parents and educators in getting a positive message across.

About Annie Fox
Annie Fox, M.ED. is an internationally respected parenting expert, keynote speaker, educator, award-winning author and teen adviser. She’s been on the receiving end of email questions from tweens, teens and parents since 1997. Annie’s books include: The Teen Survival Guide to Dating and Relating, Too Stressed to Think? And the Middle School Confidential Series™. Her latest books: Teaching Kids to Be Good People, is a guide for navigating 21st century parenting challenges; and The Girls’ Q & A Book on Friendship: 50 Ways to Fix a Friendship Without the DRAMA. Check out Annie’s weekly podcast at and at

In our interview we also talked about my free resource: Help! My Kid has Looked at Porn! – now available for download.


Liz Walker

International authority on porn harms, education and advocacy.

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