May 17, 2016

Young guys use a tally board for scoring hook ups

I was at a conference recently and walked past someone with tattoos all over who was sitting alone. A really good friend of mine who is also covered from head to toe recently shared that people avoid her in public spaces because she's too 'scary'. Given she's an altogether incredibly amazing woman,…
March 9, 2016

Independent Review of ‘All of Us’

At the request of many people I am in contact with, I have taken the time to review the Safe Schools Coalition All of Us Curriculum. The research that I present and the resulting reservations I have regarding this schools resource has been forwarded to Emeritus Professor Bill Louden (conducting the formal…
September 30, 2015

The Job Is Not Over

Heart-wrenching stories surface from time to time of young women's experiences growing up in a culture where they are not valued. This is a republished anonymous post from someone in the US. But this young woman isn't just 'someone'. She has a name - she has dreams for her future - and she never asked…
August 24, 2015

Are Your Daughters Cybersafe?

A big thanks to Alison Stegert from e-Quipped for this article! Check out e-Quipped for information relating to a myriad of modern issues, from cyber-parenting to sexting. Most young people today have a head full of cybersafety information, thanks the vigilance of their parents and schools. It seems like grown-ups are doing…
July 20, 2015

What love are you searching for?

I had so much great feedback from the What's with Bonding??  blog and in amongst conversations that followed, a friend suggested I check out the Ancient Greek understanding of love. I faintly remember learning about the difference between Eros and Agape at High School and was pleasantly surprised to see that this ancient concept is…