Liz Walker is Managing Director of Youth Wellbeing Project: providing holistic relationships & sexuality education to prevent sexual harms, enhance children and young people’s relationships, and build resilience to porn culture. Educators throughout Australia and internationally utilise the IQ PROGRAMS, underpinned by holistic sexuality education principles. Finding quality presenters and effective tools to counteract hypersexualized messages can be time consuming and overwhelming. Youth Wellbeing Project presenters overcome these challenges with excellence and provide refreshing assurance to parents and professionals.

IQ PROGRAMS equip educators for tricky conversations. An initiative of Youth Wellbeing Project, IQ PROGRAMS are a whole-school educational package designed to equip kids & youth to confidently navigate hypersexualised culture and other 21st century challenges. COMPASS IQ and AGENCY IQ are signature programs within the IQ package, designed to safeguard kids and youth in the online and physical environments. GROWTH IQ and SUSTAIN IQ focus on personal development, relationships and holistic sexuality education – foundational skills essential for personal and relational wellbeing.

Porn Resilient Kids equip families for tricky conversations. The creator of Porn Resilient Kids is Liz Walker  – we publish children’s books and direct parents and carers to exceptional resources to increase conversations about pornography in your home. We invite you utilise the Not for Kids! and Hamish and the Shadow Secret children’s books and read them with your kids, plus find helpful links on our resources page.

Liz Walker is Director of Health Education for Culture Reframed: the global lead in solving the public health crisis of the digital age. Founded by internationally renowned scholar and activist Dr. Gail Dines, Culture Reframed is the first health promotion effort to recognize and address pornography as the public health crisis of the digital age. We are a multidisciplinary team of experts and scholars helping to build the public’s capacity to deal with pervasive sexually violent online pornography. We have created the Culture Reframed Parents Program – a complete best practice toolkit to help you raise porn-resilient kids. Don’t wait to start these life-changing conversations! Access our free Parents Program now.

Liz Walker is Deputy Chair of eChildhood: a registered health promotion charity dedicated to mobilising responses that reduce the harmful effects of pornography on children and young people. We provide education and training to parents, professionals and the public. We advocate for measures that improve children and young people’s mental and physical health outcomes, and decrease vulnerabilities to exploitation. eChildhood takes a public health approach through research, education, legislation and digital solutions.

Liz Walker is on the steering committee and a working group member of Connecting to Protect: A Public Health Response to Address the Mental Health and Safety Consequences to Children and Young People Accessing Legal Pornography Online.  A Global Summit: Connecting to Protect Children in the Digital Age is a world-first initiative to address this issue globally—held in Canada, September 21-23, 2020.

If we truly want safety and authentic relationships for our kids, we cannot ignore mainstream pornography…

Liz Walker is an exceptional communicator who incorporates international research and personal insight to bring understanding around the impact of pornography on child & teen relational and sexual development. A regular contributor to media and self-help outlets, Liz is dedicated to culture-shifting initiatives that respond to pornography harms on children & young people. Liz has incredible insight into what conversations are needed for parents, educators, children and young people. Sign up for the Sexuality Reflections blog and learn more about Liz’s work.

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June 11, 2019

Does Porn Ruin Relationships?

People's experiences and research indicate that yes, in many cases, porn does ruin relationships. According to a survey by Relationships Australia, one in five couples experience relationship issues triggered by internet porn. Porn is leading to a breakdown of trust and an erosion of intimacy and increasingly being cited as a…

If there ever comes a time when the women of the world come together purely for the benefit of mankind, it will be a force such as the world has never known.

Matthew Arnold, Nineteenth-Century British Poet and Philosopher