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Liz Walker is Managing Director of Youth Wellbeing Project: educating for tricky conversations, supporting schools and community with holistic education to counteract hypersexualised porn culture. Whether you need a presenter, professional development, curriculum to deliver in schools, or support for families – we can help. Youth Wellbeing Project presentations, programs and resources offer a positive and respectful approach to relationships and sexuality that understands the developmental stages of young people and responds to the researched harms of pornography. We provide professional and educational direction to guide children and young people to avoid the onset of risky sexual behaviours (online and offline), that may contribute to emotional, psychological, social and other health risks.

IQ PROGRAMS equip educators for the task of supporting kids and teens to author their future. Meeting child-safety, developmental and wellbeing needs, teachers receive guided narratives and comprehensive tools to help them deliver tricky conversations confidently. An initiative of Youth Wellbeing Project, IQ PROGRAMS provide students with skills to avoid and respond to online risks— and an understanding of how porn and other technologies can affect their developing brain. Students are supported with age-relevant content to cultivate their relational and sexual wellbeing, and build resilience to external cultural pressures. Developed for Australian and New Zealand schools, IQ PROGRAMS are readily adaptable for global release.

Porn Resilient Kids equip families for tricky conversations, publishing children’s books and directing parents and carers to exceptional resources to increase conversations about pornography in your home. Books include Milly’s Message: protecting kids online written for ages 5-10, and Hamish and the Shadow Secret for kids aged 8-12, and helpful links can be found on our resources page. Porn Resilient Kids also runs an active Facebook group for parents, where members have a common interest in parenting children safely in the digital world and prioritising their kids emotional well being.

Join us for Tricky Conversations Unfiltered—LIVE weekly updates. Liz Walker and Jenny Hoey (Youth Wellbeing Project Parent Advocate), discuss all things tricky about porn and predators related to education and online safety for kids and teens.

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Liz also contributes to a number of other initiatives

Liz Walker is Director of Health Education for Culture Reframed: the global lead in solving the public health crisis of the digital age. Founded by internationally renowned scholar and activist Dr. Gail Dines, Culture Reframed is the first health promotion effort to recognize and address pornography as the public health crisis of the digital age. We are a multidisciplinary team of experts and scholars helping to build the public’s capacity to deal with pervasive sexually violent online pornography. We have created the Culture Reframed Parents Program – a complete best practice toolkit to help you raise porn-resilient kids. Don’t wait to start these life-changing conversations! Access our free Parents Program now.

Liz Walker is Co-Chair of Connecting to Protect: A Public Health Response to Address the Mental Health and Safety Consequences to Children and Young People Accessing Online Pornography.  The 2021 inaugural Global Virtual Summit: Stronger Together – A Public Health Response to Protect Children from Online Pornography is a world-first initiative to address this issue globally. Visit Connecting to Protect for information on how to be involved.

Liz Walker is co-founder of eChildhood, the only not-for-profit organisation in Australia to adopt and mobilise a public health response to address pornography impacts for the safety and wellbeing of children and young people. eChildhood believes that every child in Australia deserves a porn free childhood. The mission of eChildhood is to connect the community to protect, support and equip children, and young people, to be free from pornography harms, through the promotion of Digital Child Protection Buffers and mobilising a Public Health Response.

If we truly want safety and authentic relationships for our kids, we cannot ignore mainstream pornography…

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Liz Walker: pornography educator & sexuality wellbeing advocate

When the Australian eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman-Grant, announces that she has never been more fearful for the protection of our children on the internet than right now - we MUST listen and respond accordingly. ...

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End-to-end encryption would be DEVASTATING for children's online safety. Sign & share the petition against the EU legislation. EU push appears to be separate from Facebook's agenda, but essentially, waving the same banner that undermines child protection.

National Crime Agency (NCA)@NCA_UK

WATCH: NCA Director Rob Jones explains the impact of end-to-end encryption on child protection.

We and our partners are clear that Facebook’s move to end-to-end encryption will turn the lights out for policing and provide cover for child sexual abuse offenders.

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