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Challenging Porn Culture harnesses the proactive efforts of individuals and organisations to collaborate and disseminate resources and strategies that target the negative effects of porn on culture.


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Reflecting is a concept that many people struggle with. In our fast-pace world with everything at the tip of our fingers, reflection is something of a lost art. The rise in popularity of mindfulness is an indication of how much people are craving to get in touch with themselves. To be present in the moment. To be aware of surroundings, feelings, emotions, thoughts, time and space. And then to let it go long enough to rest. To breathe. To centre.

Equipping teens for HEALTHY SEXUALITY in a sexualized culture

International authority on youth sexuality

Liz Walker is a former at-risk teen turned youth advocate. A regular contributor to media and self-help outlets, she assists adults to understand teen sexuality and teens to understand themselves.After years working with youth and helping teachers and parents address healthy sexuality and risk behaviors, Liz has incredible insight into what conversations are needed. Liz brings pearls of wisdom straight to parents through the Sexuality Reflections blog, and talks directly to young people about ‘often difficult’ relationship topics crucial to success, through the Image Reflected blog.

For the love of our kids, strike GTA5 off the Christmas List

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Grand Theft Auto 5 is causing fury on both sides. Here’s a question from someone on Social Media posing these complexities:
“I’ve seen a number of people saying two things in ‘defence’ of this game: 1. It shouldn’t be taken off the shelves because it’s not targeted at kids and it’s up to parents to have the responsibility not to buy it for them or let them play it. 2. Why shouldn’t adults have the right to be able to play a game that does not look realistic and that we know is a game?”

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My kid downloaded what??

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It was a fantastic opportunity to have been invited by Annie Fox from Family Confidential to talk about the digital age, pornography and the importance of having THE MOST ESSENTIAL conversation with our children about sex as a natural part of life. This Video Podcast is a great resource for anyone looking for balanced guidance.

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"If there ever comes a time when the women of the world come together purely for the benefit of mankind, it will be a force such as the world has never known."

− Matthew Arnold, Nineteenth-Century British Poet and Philosopher