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Liz Walker is Chair of PORN HARMS KIDS – a grassroots campaign that draws attention to the issue of exposure of children and young people to pornography in Australia.

Porn Harms Kids mobilises researchers, child development experts, youth welfare authorities, the medical profession, social and public policy sectors and members of the community including schools and parents, to work toward a comprehensive solution.

Finally, the truth about porn

By 30-days of Porn

For a long time there has been huge resistance to having a decent conversation about the harms of pornography without being branded a prude for not embracing it. For instance, in the past, I’ve been told I’m ‘erotophobic’ (have a fear of anything erotic – best not tell my husband that!); and that I’m ‘potentially distributing anti-porn propaganda’ to teenagers. Let that sit with you for a minute… If discussing porn with teens is not anti, does that mean it’s supposed to be a pro-porn conversation? Hmmmm… If the answer isn’t clear-cut for you, maybe come back to this question at the end of this blog series.

Anti-porn SEX-POSITIVE whole-person centred approach

Liz Walker is an exceptional communicator who incorporates international research and personal insight to bring understanding around the impact of pornography on child & teen relational and sexual development. A regular contributor to media and self-help outlets, she assists parents, educators and teens to challenge porn culture and embrace a holistic balance to sexuality. Liz has incredible insight into what conversations are needed. Sign up for the Sexuality Reflections blog, and find Liz’s articles for young women about sexuality and relationships at Bellarae Mag.

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December 20, 2016

Young People Need Critical Porn Analysis; ‘Porn Literacy’ Is Not Enough

Originally published by Generation Next A new conversation is happening in educational circles, with many speaking up about the need for kids and teens to become ‘porn literate’. It is increasingly evident that kids cannot cope with the onslaught of hyper sexed, supranormal, graphic, abusive, body punishing, downright degrading images…
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Top parent concerns
September 19, 2016

Tips for sharing pics

Sharing pictures. Parents finding joy in sharing every memorable moment of their children on Facebook. Sharing nudes. Sexting is the hot topic of our time. Teens (and adults) swept into a culture that normalises self-exploitation, voyeurism and exhibitionism. One of these things is not like the other. Or maybe it is...…
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