Liz Walker provides primary and high school relationship and sexuality resources that enhance protective behaviours for kids and teenagers through Youth Wellbeing Project. These educational programs are available for State or Private/Christian Schools and small community organisations. Seven principles underpin our balanced approach to relationships and sexuality education:

  1. Love and valuing self and others is foundational to building healthy, equitable relationships.
  2. Informed choices empower young people to make proactive choices that enhance physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, sexual and relational wellbeing.
  3. Promotion of increased empathy, respect for diversity and relationship boundaries enable young people to overcome inequalities.
  4. Priority on improved protective behaviours and emotional & relational intelligence strengthens children and young people’s resilience.
  5. Pornography is driven by an exploitative industry. Providing a critical analysis equips youth to understand how it distorts perceptions of self and others, detrimentally impacts relationships, and contributes to violence in culture.
  6. Sexuality is a multi-dimensional and central aspect of life-long human development that underpins the thriving of self-esteem, self-confidence and mastery of self-expression.
  7. Sexual integrity is foundational to meaningful and authentic connection and ensures empowerment to make well informed decisions in sexual matters now and well into the future.

Resources take a positive and respectful approach to relationships and sexuality by tailoring to the developmental stages of young people; encourage the delay of sexual activity and prevention of sexual harms; offer clear educational direction to avoid early onset of sexual behaviour that may cause additional emotional, psychological, social and health risks; and incorporate awareness of ethical behaviour, consent, love and respect, which form the basis for having sexual experiences free of coercion, discrimination and violence.