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Explicit CultureImpacts of pornSexuality
November 5, 2018

Skewed data – we shouldn’t be surprised

While the rest of the world is in uproar about inequalities and violence against women, the porn industry want us to believe that women are watching "extreme" categories like "rough sex" and "hardcore" more than men. Let's test this then shall we? What we know. We know that it’s common for those who…
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Explicit CultureImpacts of pornSexuality
October 13, 2018

Drifting in a river of toxic messages

It's unfathomable to think that widespread action hasn't yet been taken to reduce kids access to pornography. I'm always the first to say that porn doesn't impact all kids the same way, but the reality is that they are drifting in a river of toxic messages about sexuality; most don't…
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Impacts of pornSexuality
August 14, 2017

Online porn, the pied piper of the internet

Online pornography impacts the brain in ways that printed literature never can. A recent argument I heard ‘for porn’, came from John, who was trying to suggest that women’s use of erotic novels was comparable to the high numbers of men watching pornography online. This comment was in response to…
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Top parent concerns
July 13, 2017

When my child sees porn

When kids see pornography, become regular viewers, or engage in self-production of child exploitation material (CEM / child pornography), it is completely normal that parents will experience a huge range of emotions. If the first reaction is anger, it should towards the pornographers – not our kids. The best reaction…
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Explicit CultureSexuality
May 23, 2017

Australian Summit Against Sexual Exploitation

The problem of sexual exploitation is enormous. But at the same time, new opportunities to take back ground are emerging as societies around the globe recognise that what is needed to beat this insidious form of exploitation is a proactive, co-ordinated, multi-agency approach. Now, more than ever, the growing movement to…
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Impacts of porn
April 8, 2017

Graphic Hardcore Images are an Uncomfortable Reality

In February 2016, I had the privilege of opening the Pornography and Harms to Children and Young People Symposium. The largest gathering of its kind in the southern hemisphere with the aim to spark a national conversation about the public health crisis caused by porn harms to children across Australia.…
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March 27, 2017

Understanding Radical Feminism for Men (and Women!)

“Although the most compelling critiques of pornography over the past four decades have been articulated by radical feminists, many young people—including women—assume that challenges to the pornographic culture come only from conservative and/or religious perspectives. As a result, secular and liberal folks often assume that they must endorse porn to…
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Explicit CultureSexuality
December 20, 2016

Young People Need Critical Porn Analysis; ‘Porn Literacy’ Is Not Enough

Originally published by Generation Next A new conversation is happening in educational circles, with many speaking up about the need for kids and teens to become ‘porn literate’. It is increasingly evident that kids cannot cope with the onslaught of hyper sexed, supranormal, graphic, abusive, body punishing, downright degrading images…
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