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Liz Walker

Top teen concerns
November 19, 2014

The Body Image Bear

Unhealthy body image is a such a huge issue that affects so many of our teens. It can overlap with other longer term issues such as self-harm and mental health challenges. Yet in addition this, an  impact we don’t often dare whisper is how the body image bear can lead to sexual confidence…
October 23, 2014

What is sexuality?

The term sexuality is one of those elusive terms. People can often think they know what it means, but when they try to explain it, they kind of don’t... And even the definition itself is soooo detailed, it almost leaves you feeling overwhelmed with the depth of what is involved…
October 23, 2014


Reflecting is a concept that many people struggle with. In our fast-pace world with everything at the tip of our fingers, reflection is something of a lost art. The rise in popularity of mindfulness is an indication of how much people are craving to get in touch with themselves. To…